there is captcha type 1643... but where is the folder? how can i add images on top? .....
  • Hello, i am still newbie at trying to solve new captchas or those not evaluated already... 
    I though i understand the first principle that the captcha images get stored in the folder captchas with the same number... but i can not find some it seems... why is that and can you tell me an easy way to find these folders?
    I also deleted the data from one captcha from the opposite direction i wanted... i thought it always starts from the bottom when you dont interefer like an undo button... how can i recover this specific captcha without loosing the others i have already modified with success but not remembering them all... i try to recover just captcha 1643 in this case...
    I am sorry if i seem a bit idiotic in this... its just completely new to me... i wish i could find a more detailled tutorial...
    is there  a way to tell the bruteforce attack to stop when its taking to long not staying where it stops but at the best range it managed to hit at this point?
    when i click stop it just stops anywhere... mostly below this number... is it necessary to let it run out and the only possibility to do this?
    Either this seems for the beginning super complicated or i miss a really good part... maybe both? 
    Hope someone experienced can help me sort these things, even one question of them out?
    Thank you so much in front!
    Kind regards,
  • please PM me the email address you used to register Captcha Sniper, thank you.

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