Themida A debugger has been found running in the system
  • A debugger has been found running in the system

    I get this in a prompt when i try to launch the software.
  • Themida is a 3rd party library that CS uses to prevent decompiling and cracking.  It's detecting something on your machine which it thinks is a decompiler or cracking tool.  You'll need to go through your running processes and try to identify the culprit.  Often its your anti-virus software, so please check that first.
  • Ahhh thanks

    I disabled Avast for 10 minutes and launched CS and it's working fine!
    By the way, i have version 5.16? Am i up to date?

    Let me know
  • yes you are up to date.  We have a MASSIVE update in the works ... should be available in a few days :)
  • Same here with Avast. I added CS folder in the exclusion settings and it's all good now 

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