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    What's new in the 5.16 release?
  • Captcha Sniper 5.16 Released

    -Recaptcha Street Sign Support - 
    A few things to note ... 
    - Enjoy it while you can! I doubt it will be effective for very long. This version hasnt been around long and according to their site, a new version "Invisible" is due out soon
    - The 5% success rate listed is not correct. This is 5% for an exact on both words. It didnt take but a few minutes earlier to produce the results seen above so the 5% is way low. In fact, it will get 1 word correct quite often and based on my testing, thats all it needs to pass (ive tested that it also allows 1 character misspelt in the correct word - just like older recaptcha), so this would make the effective solve rate somehwere in the 50-60% range.

    -updated the captcha type detection engine resulting in a higher solve rate-

    -tons of new captcha types added and updated-

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