5.15 Captcha Sniper Not Running
  • I just updated to 5.15. I have not used CS for a few months. I do the self test and it returns the code successfully, but Scrapebox delivers me a message that CS is not running. 

    I have gone through the Help File, checked the ports, etc. I don't see the where the problem is. Can anyone help? 

    I have my anti virus deleted. The native windows anti virus turned off. No other programs running. 

  • Scrapebox is a little weird on the set up IMO.

    You will want to make sure you select de-captcher.com and then select Captcha Sniper in the bottom of the screen.

    If you need remote help please ping me via skype ~ imbotz
  • Thank you kindly. That did it. Yes, it is counterintuitive to have the de-captcher at the top too when it doesn't test...No $7.77 in remaining funds. BUT it CS is solving captchas now. image

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