Purging the database
  • None of the sample captchas that you install with CS 5.1.5 is of any use to me.

    With thousands of capthas in the DB, it is nearly impossible to locate my own captchas in the GUI scroll box. 

    And I just learned that whenever I add a new captcha I have to rebuild the GUI database and the detection database, and then re-start the GUI.

    I cleaned out all of your stock captchas from their folder and deleted the DB.MDB file.  I then tried to "Compact/Repair" the DB.

    All I get are error messages - "Contact your service desk".

    How can I delete your thousands of stock captchas from my CS databases?
  • there is no reason to remove the stock captchas.  Having them there does not hurt anything.  If you delete the database (a file required by the program) then of course you are going to have errors.

    If you want to add your own types and easily find them in the GUI, simply use a naming convention to allow this and categorize them in a category which is easy to find (the first one ... articles)

    you can ping me on skype ~ imbotz ~ for further assistance.

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