Captcha Sniper With Xrumer
  • Im hoping someone can help. I am using Xrumer (latest), and I am looking to get Xrumer working with both captcher sniper and captcha breaker. I want Xrumer to try to decode first, then if it fails, give a few tries to captcha breaker , and then captcha sniper. I certainly have the machine to do this, so speed is not an issue. I know some of you might say they basically do the same thing, but I would like to see it working anyway. I know the problem is they share port 80. I can get one of them working at a time, just not both. I have tried to change the port in captcha breaker, and it just does nothing (sits idle). Any ideas?
  • @vegas ~ you can change the port from 80 to something else from the settings screen.  Please let me know if you need further assistance.
  • I never did get Captcha Breaker and Captcha sniper working with Xrumer at the same time. Are there more detailed instructions?

    Thank you
  • please ping me on skype ~ imbotz

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