Thank you for your purchase of Captcha Sniper!


You can download Captcha Sniper X4.95 HERE. (stable release - recommended)


You can download Captcha Sniper 5.0 RC2 HERE. (release candidate - bugs possible)


After you install it, DON’T RUN IT YET! ... watch the setup video below

How to obtain your license:


1.  Go to the directory where you installed Captcha Sniper, right click captchasniper.exe and click properties


2.  Go to the compatability tab and select windows XP mode and tick run as administrator. Click the button ‘Change settings for all users’ and make the same changes.  Then click apply and click apply again.


3. Launch Captcha Sniper and you will be prompted with a window where you will be asked to enter your Plimus order number or PayPal Transaction ID. Enter your Plimus order number or PayPal Transaction ID and you will be shown another window which will give you a code.


4. Copy the code you recieved at the second prompt and email it to:


5. You will recieve a license file which you will need to copy into your Captcha Sniper install folder in order to get it activated. Your license will be returned to you within 24 hours (usually much less time).


6. Run Captcha Sniper and your license will be activated.


For further guidance please read the installation guide, for further questions please email us at:


Thank you,

The Captcha Sniper Team