DeathByCaptcha captcha solving service

There’s hardly any marketer who does not know about Deathbycaptcha. It is a pioneer in CAPTCHA solving service, offering to decode 1000 CAPTCHAs for a little over a dollar! Yes, armed with the best OCR Technology out there, combined with an army of human CAPTCHA solvers, it is one of the best services out there.

Gone are the days where marketers had to decode every CAPTCHA that interrupts their work. Today, many mundane, repetitive and cumbersome tasks are automated. However, CAPTCHAs remained a real problem, though related tasks were automated. When submitting articles using AMA, there was a problem of CAPTCHA for every submission, which can now be automated using Deathbycaptcha.

There are many other automation tools for submission or for other tasks. For every other task or automation tool, Deathbycaptcha can be linked to it and CAPTCHAs can be solved in no time. They have an astounding 99% accuracy and the time taken to solve CAPTCHAs, is very less. Besides, you only pay for correct CAPTCHAs, all incorrect entries aren’t added up! Their customer support is also excellent and quick to respond.

Recently, there were issues about downtime, overload and more time taken for solving CAPTCHAs. Besides, it was also reported that users had to put up with wrong reports, easily used up balance and also, the accuracy rates dropped drastically. However, Deathbycaptcha was quick to address and clarify the issues.

The downtime was due to a server migration, which is now fixed. As for the overload and more time taken to solve CAPTCHAs, were all related to festivities in the hometown of workers. They recruited more solvers to share or makeup for the overload. Besides, other technical issues were resolved as well. Besides, users were offered a 50% credit back, for the hassles they endure with their purchases during the problem phase. Any issues reported through their customer service is looked into and resolved without much ado or delay.

Now, their service is almost back to normal. They are recruiting more solvers and other solvers who are on off, are expected to join soon. Most marketers vouch for the efficacy, accuracy and high quality service of this brand. Overall, Deathbycaptcha has been offering excellent service for the last few years. Their rates and service, remains unmatched. If you are an internet marketer and looking at an automated solution for CAPTCHAs, this is the best place to be!