Before we learn about De CAPTCHA, let us understand CAPTHCA. Everybody using internet will be familiar with CAPTCHAs. These are used in most sites and intended to reduce, if not eliminate spam. How do they really work? Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart – this is the full form for the acronym CAPTCHA. Have you ever tried to create an e-mail id, or post a comment to a blog or forum, or tried to download something off downloading sites? You must have done any, if not all of those. In such scenarios, you might have come across a space where you see a picture, with few characters, both numbers and alphabets. You are expected to enter them correctly in a space provided below.  These are called CAPTCHAs. They can’t be copied and more off, look like a picture pasted to a page. This is one reason why CAPTCHA solving tools and services were launched. These characters can’t be read, since they are Optical Characters. Only an Optical Recognition Feature can read these characters. This is exactly what De CAPTCHA entails.


With De CAPTCHA, solving CAPTCHAs has been automated. This service is becoming a hit with many, for the astonishing success rate. It solves most CAPTCHAs displayed on sites like Ebay, CNN, Megaupload, Yahoo, Live, etc. Most simple characters are recognized with ease and solved automatically, when using De CAPTCHA. However, what about complicated CAPTCHAs? De CAPTCHA has a unique way of solving CAPTCHAs. The audio files are captured, decoded after nullifying background music and then, CAPTCHA will be decoded. Most sites will have an option to listen to CAPTCHAs. This is typically intended for those who can’t see, or have a problem with their sight. This audio file will be utilized to decode the CAPTCHAs, when using De CAPTCHA service.


There are both automated and manual De CAPTCHA service. Automatic De CAPTCHA will involve tools for decoding the CAPTCHAs. The tools and their capabilities vary and have a high, if not 100% success rate. On the other hand, manual De CAPTCHA service is where, hundreds of teams work to solve CAPTCHAs. These teams are often fromIndiaand other developing countries and have a 99.99% success rate. Also, with a manual service, complicated CAPTCHAs that require problem solving skills, like a Math puzzle, or other questions, are best when left with manual De CAPTCHA service.


With Internet Marketing becoming increasing popular, the need for automating cumbersome and repetitive tasks is important. When using a De CAPTCHA Service, creation of accounts, submitting content, or posting comments and replies, downloading or uploading files, etc are a lot more easier. Hours of manual work is reduced and it becomes more cost effective, when simple and monotonous tasks are automated. The efficiency and turn around time will be great, when deploying De CAPTCHA service for your needs.