All You Need to Know About CAPTCHAs!

Love it or hate it, CAPTCHA is here to stay! Irrespective of the technological advancements, every now and then, inventions and discoveries are misused. Internet originally an innovation that changed our lives was no exception. Spammers and unscrupulous people found ways to exploit it. This threatened the benefits of Internet and a system to check abuse was needed. That’s how CAPTCHA was introduced to check spamming.

CAPTCHA helped curb spamming and served as a way to curb bots and spamming scripts. It was designed in a way that CAPTCHA Recognition and deciphering was possible to human beings and not machines! Though this keeps spam under check, Internet Marketers were greatly affected due to this. Besides, they were not able to automate their tasks, since CAPTCHA Unlock was mandatory for publishing and other marketing related activities. Thus, the need for CAPTCHA Killer increased.

Different types of CAPTCHA Readers were launched, with varying features. Most of them were able to covert CAPTCHA to text and clear the test. However, a comprehensive CAPTCHA Service wasn’t available. All automated CAPTCHA Breakers weren’t effective and the need for solving complex CAPTCHAs rose. CAPTCHA Killer was one effective and automated CAPTCHA decoding service, though it was abruptly stopped. Following that, services by deathbycaptcha, captcha buster, captcha king, etc. were launched. These services bridged the gap left by automated programs and scripts.

All these services used a lethal combination of advanced OCR Technology to decipher the CAPTCHA, used scripts or programming languages to decode CAPTCHAs and for advanced CAPTCHAs, human CAPTCHA Solvers were deployed. CAPTCHA Hack was another option where CAPTCHA audios were used to decode CAPTCHAs and scripts were written for it. Today, these services are very popular amongst internet marketers and yet, individuals who were physically or mentally challenged, or those who use internet profusely had no option to work around these reverse turing tests. Thanks to CAPTCHA Monster add-on for Firefox, individual users were able to successfully clear CAPTCHAs without much ado.

Nowadays, several sites deploy CAPTCHAs for curbing spamming and regulating their sites. That is well- known. What is unknown is that, some sites use CAPTCHA tests for more than just curbing spamming. Yes, CAPTCHA Translation is the latest where, users are given CAPTCHAs for translation. This is done for two purposes – digitization of content or for translating content. Yes, to convert physical books into digital books, Google uses the service of reCAPTCHA and whatever escapes this automaton module, users are given those as tests for decoding what the automated tools wasn’t able to! For now, there’s no real alternative for CAPTCHA and with increasing possibilities, there’s no way it’s going to be abandoned anytime soon.