How to Work Around CAPTCHAs?

We all know every other site uses CAPTCHA for all actions. For creating an account, posting a comment or feedback, mailing support, or while filling up online forms and what not! At times, when we send back-back mails to many, or send wishes to a huge list during festive seasons, CAPTCHAs appear to ensure it is not spamming. While this does cut down spamming, it can be quite irritating, especially when the tasks are repeated and CAPTCHAs appear every time.

When you are sending personalized and individual greetings, needing to solve a puzzle every time could be frustrating. Likewise, for a marketer, having to solve CAPTCHAs when creating accounts, or posting reviews and for other activities, it could be irritating and time consuming. Over a time, it could be wasting hours doing solving CAPTCHAs. This means, less productivity during work hours.

That’s when the idea of using CAPTCHA to Text service came up. It could either be a software that uses optical character recognition to decipher the image, or by using affordable CAPTCHA to Text service offered by companies employing low-cost human labor.

Yes, originally intended to protect the web from misuse and spam, CAPTCHAs were lauded. However, with using them in everything, it could be quite frustrating. Nowadays, internet marketing is an important aspect in any company’s marketing strategy. Without this service, deploying more individuals could be pricey.

With CAPTCHA to Text services, or software, all simple and repetitive tasks could be automated. This means, there’s no need to hire an individual to do all the account creation and posting work. Instead, a CAPTCHA to Text service could help solve the puzzles, whereas all other tasks are automated and performed by a bot, or script. If we can use technology for working around other things, why not this? Besides, it is a handy way to bring down cumbersome and mundane tasks and automate those using scripts and software programs. Imagine having to recruit a person from morning to evening, only to create accounts, or post the same message in different sites?

Their cost would be on par with other basic employees, when it’s all about doing repetitive tasks that a bot could do! With innovative and creative scripting, a software or bot could do the same thing and also, add mild variations for every site. The only problem would be CAPTCHAs and that can be taken care of, using CAPTCHA to Text service. This is one of the most affordable and effective way to work around CAPTCHAs for mundane or cumbersome and repetitive tasks.