CAPTCHA Services to Your Rescue!

Today, site owners have to take several measures to ensure their site isn’t misused or spammed. Any site that is vulnerable to spamming and misuse will be demoted by search engines. Hence, site owners moderate their site to reduce spamming. However, yet another way to reduce spam posts is by introducing CAPTCHAs. This way, bots or plugins or tools that auto post content can be checked.

There are many free CAPTCHA services ad scripts that come to the aid of site owners. Using these free CAPTCHA services, site owners can curb spam to a great deal. These services generate different CAPTCHAs and help stop spam bots from spamming. There are many reliable free services like reCAPTCHA, Protect Web Form, Open CAPTCHA, etc. All are quite popular with site owners.

Besides these, there are also CAPTCHA service firms that help solve CAPTCHAs. Internet marketers take up several activities to promote a website. Activities like posting web content, articles, reviews, comments, PRs, creating accounts and lots more are done on a day-to-day basis. However, these tasks are often repetitive, or same tasks are done in different destinations. Hiring individuals to do these tasks could be pricey and also, wasting human resources. These tasks can be effectively automated using software programs or scripts. However, these tools are stopped midway by CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHA services come to an internet marketer’s aid and solve these CAPTCHAs.

Generally, CAPTCHA services employ advanced OCR technology for decoding CAPTCHAs. In some cases where the CAPTCHAs aren’t plain text, and require problem-solving skills as in the case of Math puzzle, or GK questions, or similar scenarios, OCR alone will not help. In such scenarios, only human beings can help decode these CAPTCHAs. That’s where these CAPTCHA services go a step further and hire human solvers from different developing countries. These solvers work for extremely low-cost wages as compared to that of developed countries, owing to the difference in currency exchange values and their financial needs. This way, human solvers are recruited for low wages and deployed for solving CAPTCHAs. Excellent CAPTCHA services boast 99% accuracy rate in CAPTCHA solving. This way, the mundane work is automated and also, what can’t be automated is effectively outsourced. So, internet marketers can continue their work without much ado or delay. As a result of CAPTCHA services, human resources are saved from doing mundane and repetitive tasks and put their skills to work.