Captcha Bypass

Captcha bypass is the process of correctly identifying the text answer contained within a captcha image.  What is a captcha image you might ask?  Captchas are the small graphic images which usually contain distorted text that you have to enter when submitting a form online.  This is done to prevent automated software from submitting the form multiple times.


The term Captcha stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.  This form of spam protection is widely used across the internet and has been for quite some time.  Bypassing Captchas are exactly what Captchas are designed and intended to prevent.


So why would someone want to bypass captchas?  Bypassing a captcha is beneficial to those who use automated tools to build links to promote a website with the ultimate goal of making money online via either CPA, adsense or some other means – also known as ‘Internet Marketing’ or ‘IM’.


The market for automated tools that aid internet marketers is growing.   Most of these tools perform one or a series of form submissions that may or may not include a captcha.  These submissions could be anything from a simple Guestbook or Blog, to a complex forum signup, email confirmation and profile submission.  The possibilities have become endless.


To combat these automated submissions, most forms have implemented some form of captcha.  The captcha implementations range from a simple colored background with plain and very legible, undistorted text to the most extreme, barely legible and highly distorted images which most humans can not even read.  There is even a system in place currently that asks the user to distinguish two animals between a dog and a cat.


To keep the tools ‘automated’, they must rely on some form of ‘automated’ captcha bypass.  There are basically two approaches to this, human solving services or software recognition.  With human solving services, you will be required to pay a price per captcha that can range from one service provider to another.  With software recognition, either a neural net (machine learning based on patterns) or ocr (optical character recognition) can be implemented.


Currently, only one software can achieve any of this .. the great almighty Captcha Sniper. :)