What is a CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA is an acronym and stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. When using different sites, be it for account creation, or for submission of information, CAPTCHAs are displayed. These are optical characters and the person using the site is expected to enter it correctly. These are often characters and a times, could be simple Math puzzles. In short, it is intended to ensure a person is using the site. This way, the site owners do this to avoid spamming using automated tools. Auto CAPTCHA tools are software programs that fill in CAPTCHAs automatically.


Yes, Auto CAPTCHA tools use optical character recognition to be able to identify characters and enter them. This way, it is now possible to automate creating accounts, submitting content, etc. Auto CAPTCHA tools are quite popular with Internet Marketers. They do mundane and repetitive tasks, which can be automated. However, the CAPTCHAs were a glitch in that process and called for the need for an efficient and innovative tools to be able to solve them. Thus, Auto CAPTCHA tools were launched.


Auto CAPTCHA tools are typically used for creating accounts with different sites, where users are expected to solve a CAPTCHA before they can create an account. Some blogs and forums require CAPTCHA solving, before a comment or reply is posted. Most article submission sites and directory submission sites will require CAPTCHA solving. In all these cases, Auto CAPTCHA tools can be deployed.


Most torrent sites are loaded with Trojans and Viruses. However, there are fake reviews about downloading it, to lure users into downloading the same. This is done by hackers and spammers, who lure those hunting for torrent downloads. Torrents are searched for latest movies, pricey software and books. This is exploited by hackers and spammers, who load trojans and viruses claiming to offer movies, or software for download. The unsuspecting users, then download and compromise their security. By adding CAPTCHAs, such spam attacks were reduced considerably. Users had to solve a CAPTCHA to post comments, or load files.


While hackers and spammers are more often into automating account creation unethically, internet marketers also do this for marketing needs. CAPTCHAs are intended for to avoid spamming, robotic submissions, creation of bulk accounts and posting default messages in blogs and forums. But with Internet Marketing becoming important for businesses, the need to make repetitive tasks automated is impertinent. This considerably improves efficiency and saves loads of manual labor. This way, it also reduces cost. Thus, Auto CAPTCHA tools were created and now made it possible to automate repetitive and annoying online tasks.